New “Bridesmaids” trailer makes us laugh and worry


I want Bridesmaids to be funny — like a lot. I want this not just because I like to laugh, which I do, but because women have traditionally not been given the same chances and leeway to be funny. And I want it to be funny because there are still idiots out there who think women can’t be funny.

So with each passing trailer I get both more reassured and more worried about Bridesmaids. I get reassured because I laugh-snort at my desk when watching the trailers. I get worried because as a high-profile ensemble comedy led by six women, how the film does could have an impact on future female comedies. But before we get into all of that, how about seeing the reassurance yourself. The international trailer, with an extra side of Hamm.

The film opens May 13 in the states, and the studio has also released a featurette talking with stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and more. I love these women so much individually, seeing them all on screen together doing fart jokes is like Christmas wrapped in a Whoopee Cushion.

The film has gotten mostly good early reviews, so there is reason to feel less worried. But what I really want for this movie is for it to be judged on its own merits. So if it is unfunny or flops, Hollywood shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that all female comedies are bad ideas. I mean, the Arthur remake still hasn’t made back its production budget yet, but no one is saying all male comedies need to stop production because the public isn’t interested — though they should maybe say that about Russell Brand, but I digress.

And speaking of female stereotypes, what’s up with new Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot of the cast? They got six talented, funny, smart, accomplished women together and posed them as part of a big shopping spree. I know it’s a fashion magazine and all, but they couldn’t think of something, anything else to pose them doing? Really?

So, are you excited for the film? Are you anxious about its broader implications? Or does nothing else matter as long as you can spend two hours in the theater laughing at Kristen & co.