From “Foxfire” to “Mean Girls:” The best girl squad outfits


Possibly the only thing I could tell you about the film Sucker Punch is that it involves women wearing sexy dominatrix elf like clothing. I love a good group of ass kicking gals in uniform (who doesn’t?), but are these really the outfits of the tough and fearless? Shouldn’t they at least be wearing pants? Jeggings? Something? In any case, the film prompted New York Magazine to do up a top 10 of girl squad costumes across the cinematic spectrum.

Their first victory is to include the highly coordinated style of girl cliques in their list. Both Mean Girls and Heathers make the top 10. Maybe these gals aren’t necessarily dressed for escape from a fantasy world and/or mental hospital, but their fashion definitely means business.

Props to Mean Girls for super specific fashion rules: “You can’t wear a tank top two days in a row, and you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week,” Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is told by the Plastics. “Oh, and we only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays.”And as for what it means that Queen Plastic Regina George can break the dress code and others can’t, please see this awesome metaphor:

Her mandate that Gretchen Wieners forsake hoop earrings because they’re “her thing” is as brilliant as Oprah requiring guests to wear black and white at her Legends Ball, then showing up in red.

And Heathers’ signature giant blazers and linebacker-like shoulder pads get a proper shout out: “If you want to truly instill fear in the hearts of your high school classmates, try dressing like Paula Poundstone.” Zing!

The list falls far from the Sucker Punch standard, though, by paying homage to girl squads like the Spice Girls and the Powerpuff Girls. Perhaps it should just be said that if your group name is ever gonna end in “Girls,” you’re gonna lose in the kicking ass department. Always.

And apparently girl squad costumes can even include, well, no costume. Like the inmates of Caged Heat, who are regularly tearing each others’ clothes off in fights, or at least not wearing bras. But if you’re already an inmate, you’ve probably got the tough look covered — even without undergarments.

Rest easy that Sapphic flavored girl squad D.E.B.S. gets proper recognition in the list, for the girls’ pairing of private school uniforms with guns. Do tiny plaid skirts really have the ability to convey strength and ruthlessness? Depends on whether or not you ever played field hockey. Never let the knee socks fool you.

Other outfits I wish had made the list: Foxfire’s ladies’ love of flannel and plaid; the signature big bangs and heaps of lipstick Salma Hayek and company made look so fierce in Mi Vida Loca, and, of course, the telltale sign of a member of The Warriors’ female gang The Lizzies: tease your hair out, girl. A lot.


The Lizzies of The Warriors

What girl squads’ costumes do you think are tops?