Lesbian film DVD covers and what they tell us about ourselves


Recently, cracked.com put together the “8 Actors Who Look Exactly the Same on Every Movie Poster.” It got me thinking that our movies have the same problem. OK, maybe “problem” is the wrong word, but we mos def have eerily similar DVD cover art and posters. One woman’s trope is another woman’s theme.

As for the movies themselves, you can learn a lot about the Wonderful World of Lesbians by watching them. Bound taught us that lock picks also make fashionable earrings. Some of you can thank The Kids Are All Right for adding “fecund” to your vocabulary. And I think we can all agree that Number 9 is a wanker, ballerinas are crazy, and if these walls could talk, they’d say Ellen DeGeneres has surprisingly nice boobs.

That said, you don’t have to watch the whole movie to glean something about our lives — simply check out its DVD case. Let’s take a look at some and see what we can see:

We Love to Laugh

Humorless lesbians? Nonsense. We love to laugh! Especially in groups of

three or four.

And look at Mary-Louise Parker, would you? She dies twice and is still as happy as can be.

Girls in Uniforms

There are tons of mainstream films about high school kids, but all of


to private school. Because we’re elitists.

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