Diane Lane is one hot Supermom


In what is becoming one of the strangest casts in Hollywood, Superman now has a Martha Kent — a very, very sexy Martha Kent: Diane Lane.

Superman director Zack Snyder said, “This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

Diane definitely has powers that fuel my imagination. Gah.

I fell for the lovely Lane (no relation to Lois – or is there?) when I saw A Little Romance and felt all fluttery inside every time she smiled at me Daniel. That performance landed her on the cover of Time.

Since then, I’ve made a point to see every movie she’s in – and some have not been easy to watch. (Six Pack may be one of the 10 worst movies ever.) But I’ve also seen some very obscure films in which Lane is so delicious that I have no idea what the rest of the movie was about. (Big Town rivals Unfaithful in terms of Diane hotness.)

Lane’s casting as Ma Kent got a big thumbs up from DC Comics’ Geoff Johns and Jim Lee but caused a bit of middle age crisis for Mark Waid, who tweeted, “Apparently, as of today’s casting news, I am three years older than MA KENT. #Killme”

In fact, the only even remotely negative reaction to Lane’s casting is that she seems too young and hot to play Clark’s mom. It is a slight stretch, since Lane is only 18 years older than Henry Cavill, her super son. But that’s what makeup is for, right?

This isn’t Lane’s first brush with Superman; she played a hot (there’s that word again) seductress in Hollywoodland, a mystery that revolved around TV’s first Superman George Reeves. But I have a feeling she’ll have a lot more fun with Ma Kent. Unless, of course, the rumor about Kevin Costner as Pa Kent turns out to be true.

What do you think of Diane Lane as Martha Kent? What’s your favorite Lane role so far?

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