Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron talk “I Am Number Four”


One big reason to check out the new action thriller I Am Number Four is because it’s not the kind of movie where the boys are kicking ass while the girls demurely stand on the wayside. One look at sexy Aussie Teresa Palmer, who plays hardcore Number Six, and viewers know she is a force to be reckoned with both on-screen and in real life.

“I’m actually more a rocker like Number Six,” Palmer revealed to AfterEllen during the press junket for the Dreamworks release. Palmer, along with co-star (and Glee fave) Dianna Agron, also talked about the challenges in doing fight kicks in tight-fitting leather, Agron’s branching out from TV work and also provide a hint at the sexy ladies being two parts of a future sexy triangle in the sexy, kick-ass franchise.

In terms of how the sultry style of her alien-character crossed over to influence her own fashion palate, Palmer also said, “I definitely channel that rock-star look [of Number Six] in my own fashion.” One thing she still has her eye on even though the movie wrapped months ago – Number Six’s hot leather jacket.

“I wanted to keep the jacket big time but they usually hold onto the clothes just incase we have a re-shoot but hopefully in a few months I can ring [the film’s costumer] to give me one. I know there are like 10 of them so she can spare one for me!” Palmer said.

While Palmer’s wardrobe in the film is mostly made of form-fitting leather to extenuate her figure, the actress explained that there were some challenges in the fight sequences, especially some that fell between her long, slender legs.

“We actually had to make copies of the outfit with extra stretch in them so under the arms we had extra stretch,” she said. “In between the legs we had extra stretch because I have these huge kicks that I’m doing and in such tight pants I cant do that so we had lots of different copies of things.”

Number Six is a formidable presence from the start of the film but her appearance also leads the viewer to question whether she’s on the side of good or bad. “I think DJ [Caruso, the film’s director] did a good job of just placing Number Six in the movie at sporadic points. She comes on screen and then she goes as quick as she’s there and it makes you wonder ‘Who is she?’”

While some actors might want a character that is more defined from the start, Palmer displayed excitement when talking about that initial ambivalence. “I like that about her and it was such a blessing to play such a cool character.” The blonde beauty, who is signed on for three I Am Number Four films if the franchise takes off, added that it was “very empowering to play Number Six. She’s intimidating but also equally as alluring and charming and sassy. There’s definitely something mysterious about her, too.”

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