Huddle: Casting Lois Lane


Now that we know The TudorsHenry Cavill will be playing the lead in director Zack Snider‘s Superman: Man of Steel the buzz began immediately with speculation about who would step in to play dedicated reporter Lois Lane in the franchise reboot due in theaters next year. While some outlets had Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart in talks for the lead — and even declining the role in favor of Universal’s dark take on Snow White — others cast a wider net with everyone from Olivia Wilde to Dianna Agron rumored to play the role made famous by Margot Kidder (opposite Christopher Reeve in the ’70s and ’80s big screen films).

While some are loyal to those who have years of experience playing the iconic journalist, like Teri Hatcher (who starred opposite Dean Cain in the ’90s ABC hit Lois and Clark, which ran for four seasons) and Erica Durance (who stars Tom Welling on Smallville, now airing its 10th and final season). Others would rather borrow the leading ladies of other franchises, casting Spider-Man‘s Emma Stone. So who would you pick?

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Heather Hogan: Superman can reboot itself a hundred million badrillion times, big screen and small — but my heart will only ever have room for one Lois Lane.

“And let’s get something straight, I did not work my buns off to become an investigative reporter for The Daily Planet just to babysit some hack from Nowheresville! And another thing, you are not working with me, you are working for me. I call the shots; I ask the questions. You are low man; I am top banana, and that’s the way I like it. Comprende?”

Mia Jones: I’m going with Emma Stone. She’s young, hot, a natural blonde and can pull off the smart damsel in distress who could also save a man in distress thing. And I’ve been obsessed with her lately.

Dorothy Snarker: Rashida Jones or Rosario Dawson. They’re both independent, smart, quick-witted and sassy enough to be the perfect girl reporter. If the man who stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way can be British, who says Lois has to be white?

If the man who stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way can be British, Lois can be brown.

The Linster:

I’d love to see Anna Kendrick as Lois. In Up In the Air, she had the mix of wit, brains and klutziness that made Lois so endearing in previous incarnations. She plays very young — maybe too young for this — but I think she could be as spunky as Hatcher and Kidder.  I love the word “spunky.”

Aditi Hardikar: Yawnnn K-Stew. Zoe Saldana, please.

Lesley Goldberg:

Smallville‘s Erica Durance has been playing Lane since the show’s fourth season and provides the integrity involved in the role in spades. She’s strong and sensitive and has the sharp banter that makes me swoon every time. If they’re looking for a relatively fresh face, I’m going with Madison Burge, who for two seasons played Becky on DirecTV/NBC’s Friday Night Lights.She’s fierce and brave and completely underrated.

photo by Rui Cavender

So who would you like to play Lois Lane?

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