Gabrielle Christian plays a lesbian bride in new short film


The great thing about Gabrielle Christian is that even after her years of playing lesbian Spencer Carlin on South of Nowhere ended, she never really left us.

Christian always has been accessible to her lesbian fan base, showing up everywhere from the Dinah to Bridget’s boudoir and appearing in the series 3Way and the upcoming film Girltrash: All Night Long.

This week, we learned that Christian is starring in a new short film, You Are Cordially Uninvited. She plays Rose, a woman who wants to marry her girlfriend Lisa (Jade Catta-Preta, who also has visited Bridget’s bed).

However, Rose is not anxious to break the news to her parents. Lisa, in an effort to help her fiancé come out, throws an engagement party — and invites Rose’s family.

Here’s the trailer.


I know, I know — the guy (Shahaub Roudbari) lusting after lesbians is cringe worthy. But after learning more about YCU, I’m willing to give it a chance. Director Fontessa de Ridder wrote the script after a good friend shared a story. The friend had been invited to a party where half of the guests had been told it was a lesbian wedding reception and the other half, including one of the brides’ mom and dad, thought it was a birthday party.

Fontessa researched the subject and discovered that for a number of LGBT people, the fear of rejection was unfounded; friends and family often responded positively and respectfully. She wrote the film to send a message: “Don’t underestimate your family, they may love you for who you are.”

She sent the script to Christian, who instantly felt a connection with the character of Rose and wanted to show a different side to coming out. Since media usually shows the negative, Christian welcomed the chance to send a message of acceptance and hope.

The film is currently in post-production and, if all goes well, will start showing up at film festivals in the near future. You can keep up with progress at YCU’s Facebook page.

What about you? Are you excited to see Gabrielle Christian play a lesbian again? What do you think of the premise of You Are Cordially Uninvited?

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