The Weekly Geek: Step inside the “Tron” igloo


For me (and, I suspect, many of my fellow Northerners), the words “ice” and “snow” usually creates a jumble of not-so-pleasant images: frostbitten hands, that time you had the flu for, like, six weeks when you were eight, fashion police-worthy flannel shirts, etc. But for two British Tron fans, ice and snow (and some slick fiber-optics) were the raw materials to create the world’s coolest, sexiest hotel suite.

Part of this year’s icehotel project, the Tron bar-inspired work of art is a passion project for Ian Douglas-Jones and Ben Rousseau. From an Underwire post:

“We are massive Tron fans,” said Rousseau in a statement about the project. “The entire film is a complete fantasy for us both with its high-tech and futuristic design.”

I’ll just pretend that Olivia Wilde’s character comes included as the concierge, and my ice/computer geek fantasy will be complete.

The post contains a cool time-lapse view of how the whole shebang was made, so if you’re the crafty type and you live in a snowy climate, go ahead and give it a shot. You’ll be a regular nerd hero if you set up a bar in your space-age igloo – just saying.

If you need your heart warmed up a bit, then take the news that the ethereal Cate Blanchett will “reprise” her Lord of the Rings role (Galadriel) in the upcoming Peter Jackson adaptation of The Hobbit. Besides the fact that she’s awesome, why should we care? Well, it sort of goes against canon, as Topless Robot writer Rob Bricken explains:

Galadriel doesn’t show up in the original Hobbit book at all. Obviously, Jackson is either adding scenes — since this will be two movies, this isn’t that shocking — or replacing some of The Hobbit‘s elf-bits in Rivendell to be set in Lorien with Galadriel. I assume the latter would freak you purists out more, but correct me if I’m wrong.

OK, I’m going to make a very dorky note here that Galadriel doesn’t show up explicitly in the book, but she’s present for “off camera” (off-page?) background events, so it’s not too extreme to imagine those scenes on screen.

To be frank, I don’t care how much Jackson screws with the story line – If there are ladies with swords and pointy ears and monster-slayings in the flick, I’ll be interested. Then again, that’s why I write this column, and not something less nerdy.

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