Exclusive: Director Katherine Brooks talks about the controversy surrounding “Loving Annabelle”


On September 14, Wolfe Video will release the US DVD premiere of the classic 1958 girls boarding school tale of forbidden love, Mädchen in Uniform. The film stars Romy Schneider as Manuela, the smitten student, and internationally acclaimed actress Lilli Palmer as Fraeulein Elisabeth von Bernburg, the reserved but sympathetic teacher and object of Manuela’s affection. It also features legendary German (and openly lesbian) stage actress Therese Giehse as the iron-handed headmistress. (Check back in September for our review.)

The Mädchen in Uniform DVD also includes a special 15-minute bonus featurette, “From Manuela To Annabelle,” in which Loving Annabelle director Katherine Brooks discusses how Mädchen in Uniform inspired her film, and a special message from Jane Lynch about the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation. (A 35mm print of Mädchen has been deposited at the Outfest archive in conjunction with the DVD release.)

Check out this exclusive excerpt from the featurette in which Brooks talks about the controversy surrounding her steamy 2006 film.

Were you scandalized by Loving Annabelle?

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