Megan Fox goes wild, wild west in “Jonah Hex”


Things you should know before watching the trailer for the new Jonah Hex trailer: Megan Fox is wearing a corset. OK, I think you’re good to go.

Based on the Western Comic book by the same name, Jonah Hex follows a scarred bounty hunter with a surly attitude and yen for vengeance. Think of it as a wild west Punisher, but with horses.

Now, the whole “you killed my family, now I’m gonna kill you” storyline is a well worn one. And also one that apparently wasn’t in the original comics (in the series he was scarred when his family sold him into slavery to the Apaches). But, you know, dead wife and kids sure makes for an lazy easy revenge backstory. Though, you can’t go wrong with John Malkovich as a villain.

Now, I can’t say I’m impressed by the trailer with its big guns, bad dialog and bigger things that go boom. But it did raise some interesting questions.

1. How does Jonah (Josh Brolin) eat soup?

2. How did Megan Fox keep from rolling her eyes with these lines?

3. Oh, wait, she doesn’t.

4. Wait, is her waist smaller than her head in that corset?

5. Who else wants to see a magic show all of a sudden?

So, what do you think? Is this revenge flick a dish best served with a hot, buttery popcorn? Or does it just leave you cold?

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