“Sex and the City 2” has Carrie in a tux and Miranda loosening up


It’s Cynthia Nixon‘s birthday, so what would be more fitting than for us to run the very new Sex and the City 2 trailer? Well, besides us just saying “Happy Birthday, Cynthia, you wonderfully talented actress, LGBT activist and humanitarian!”

Watch the trailer first, and then let me give you my thoughts.

#1: I’m still confused about the random Abu Dhabi trip. I like my Sex girls in New York.

#2: Aidan shows up there? Yes, that seems a little too coincidental, Carrie, you are correct. WTF writers?

#3: Miranda looks amazing. So glad they tired of making Miranda look like the overworked and under made-up lawyer whose friends managed to look stunning no matter what get-ups they were wearing.

#4: Carrie is wearing a tux. Hot or not? I need you to weigh in.

What say you? Is SATC 2 going to be fierce or fall flat?

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