Mariah tries to wash off that “Glitter”


Six years after the abysmal flop of Glitter, Mariah Carey is still trying to relaunch her career as an actress. She’s recently been in Nashville shooting Tennessee, an indie produced by Lee Daniels (Monster’s Ball).

Mariah Carey

Carey plays Krystal, a waitress who goes with her two brothers in search of their estranged father. Krystal also happens to be an aspiring country singer, and yes, Mariah does belt out some songs in the film. According to director Aaron Woodley, her performance at the Second Fiddle in Nashville the other day was quite moving: “People were weeping on the crew when she sang” the song “Right to Dream,” a tune she co-wrote with Willie Nelson, of all people!

So already Tennessee sounds like it might not, um, suck as hard as Glitter. I never saw her famous flop, but just watching the trailer made me think it would make an awesome drinking game. (Drink every time Mariah tries to pout like a spoiled little Bichon Frise.)

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