Moaning Christina


Black Snake Moan, starring Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson and lesbian favorite Justin Timberlake, hits theaters this Friday. I haven’t read much about the film yet because I think this is one I’ll want to judge for myself. I worry that it’s a redemption-through-sluttishness film, along the lines of Breaking the Waves, only much cooler and more stylish.

I mean, let’s consider the poster:


What are we supposed to see there, exactly? A big black man chains a waifish, trampy white woman (or hypersexualized girl, really) in a hot, dirty setting. Yikes. No wonder Blender calls it “a hornet’s nest of taboos.”

I really don’t know what to think; I’ll have to see it to know for sure whether it’s trashy or brilliant. But I did enjoy the Christina Ricci article in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, especially this part:

“If my hair wasn’t quite so dark or if I had bangs, stupid things like that, I’d be more commercial, because my forehead is so goddamn big. There’s not really a lot of value in foreheads. I mean, giant lips are sexy, but a giant forehead — there’s not really much you can do with it.”


True, that. I guess it might come in handy if you’re auditioning for an ad for a homeopathic headache cult.

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