A Dame meets her Queen


Oscar winner Helen Mirren has been impressing audiences with her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, but she may soon have an audience with the monarch herself. Mirren and director Stephen Frears, along with screenwriter Peter Morgan, may get to pay a visit to Buckingham Palace next month.

I guess the formalities will be easy for Mirren: She already knows when to curtsy, when not to turn her back and how to behold the queenly specs without giggling. But I wonder what they’ll talk about? The Queen hasn’t seen (and doesn’t intend to see) the movie, so how can she ask intelligent questions about it? The whole thing reminds me of the time I led a class discussion of a book I hadn’t even read. But I didn’t have divine right on my side, so I was obviously taking a bigger risk.

Whatever they discuss, I hope there will be at least one photograph. There can never be enough photos of Helen Mirren. Surely that has been proclaimed or decreed or spake or something.

Here are some less regal glimpses of her long career:

Helen Mirren

The Clearing (2004)

Helen Mirren

Some Mother’s Son (1996)

Helen Mirren

Prime Suspect (1990)

Helen Mirren

Hussy (1980)

I don’t know what this one is from — other than my most wonderful dreams, I mean:

Helen Mirren

I really, really wanted to include a certain shot from Calendar Girls, but, well …

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