Julia Roberts will “Eat. Pray. Love” for us this summer


Here’s a question: Would you pay to watch Julia Roberts travel the world? If yes, settle in and make yourself comfortable. If no, well, are you sure? Because you’ve already paid to see her play a hooker and that’s a lot more far-fetched. So why don’t you settle in anyway and we can all decide together because the trailer for her new film Eat. Pray. Love. is here to answer that question.

Based on the wildly popular bestselling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert of the same name, the movie tells the true-life story of the author’s road to self discovery during a year of travel abroad. Spoiler Alert: she eats, prays and loves.

The trailer looks a little like the best-produced Travel Channel show ever. The film is directed by Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind Glee, Nip/Tuck and Popular. His only other big-screen directorial effort was also a memoir adaptation, 2006’s Running with Scissors. Knowing the man behind Glee did this makes me feel a little disappointed that no one broke into song or an elaborate dance number. But, lack of jazz hands aside, the film looks at the very least lush.

Though, I wish when Julia’s character says, “I need to change. Since I was 15, I’ve either been with a guy or breaking up with a guy,” that she meant changing teams entirely — if you know what I mean. Because that would a movie I would really, really love to see. But instead Billy Crudup, James Franco and Javier Bardem all play her love interests. Eh, her loss.

Now, I have not read the book. (I’m generally adverse to all sorts of self improvement stories — why make yourself feel like even more of a slacker?) But I do enjoy at least two of the three verbs in the movie’s title, so I could be persuaded.

So, what do you think? This summer will you eat popcorn in the theater before the film starts while praying that you’ll love it?

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