Amanda Seyfried will soon be sporting the little red riding hood


Catherine Hardwicke, director of Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown and, most recently, Twilight, is taking on an old fairytale and directing an adapatation of Little Red Riding Hood. But no, it’s not just a sick grandmother and a big bad wolf — there’s a gothic, “romantic thriller” twist.

The new adaptation, entitled The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, will follow the main character, Valerie (I had no idea that was her name in the original), who seeks to reveal the “true identity of the wolf that’s been terrorizing her village for two decades,” while reconciling feelings for her rich fiance and the town’s bad boy. Sounds like another Team Edward vs. Team Jacob teenybopper nightmare, if you ask me.

It appears that Amanda Seyfried will take some time off from kissing women on-screen and is going to star in the updated version that will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Appian Way Films. Filming beginning in June.

Judging from the plot, and the agony and suffering that Hardwicke’s teen vampire drama causes me, I have pretty low expectations for the film. I’m so sick of the damsel-in-distress story lines with overly macho men (or vampires or wolves) fighting to save her life. Yawn. Now, if Valerie were to take on the big bad wolf singlehandedly and save her whole village from plunder and murder, then we’d actually have a story. But who knows, Hardwicke was behind Thirteen, so maybe Seyfried will resume her bi-curious ways and find a cute girl to rescue instead.

This also comes on the heels of Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland interpretation, which has wowed some audiences and disappointed others as a blasphemous crime committed against Lewis Carroll‘s sacred story. Perhaps some classics are to be left untouched.

Is the adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood doomed to fail or will it produce another box office smash?

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