“Tron Legacy” trailer shows us a glimpse of Olivia Wilde


So, the new trailer for Tron Legacy is out. Though, I can save you the two minutes and 18 seconds right now and tell you that Olivia Wilde is only in it for two seconds. The good news? She is in it for two seconds looking like this.

The long-in-the-coming sequel to the 1982 sci-fi hit action hit Tron picks up some 25 years after the original. The now-grown son of programmer Kevin Flynn starts searching for his dad more two decades after his disappearance and find himself sucked into the same deadly, day-glo digital universe. Or, at least I think that’s what happens. Watch and see.

I appreciate the digital world’s commitment to neon clothing. Really eliminates the need for flashlights. Also, it’s kind of festive. Perhaps they could get them to blink red and green at Christmas time.

Also back are a snazzier version of the lightcycles and, yes, Kevin Flynn (newly minted Oscar winner Jeff Bridges) himself.

New are relatively unknown actor Garrett Hedlund as Sam, Kevin’s son, and what appears to be a creepy albino guy who likes to rock out on air guitar. Again, I’m guessing here.

The film won’t be released until Dec. 17. But, when it does arrive, it will be in 3D. Yes, that’s right, Olivia in 3D.

So, are you more interested in Tron Legacy now, less? All I know is there had better be a whole lot more than two seconds of Olivia in the movie.

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