“Out in the Desert” blows the lid off the Dinah Shore Weekend


Riddle me this. What do you get when you combine over 10,000 happy lesbians, daily pool parties, nightly dance parties, and enough alcohol to keep Amy Winehouse occupied for five days? If you answered, “I don’t know, but where do I sign up?” you wouldn’t be the first. Actually, what you do get is the largest lesbian event in the world: The Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, California.

The desert extravaganza that’s been described as “Lesbian Spring Break” is more than gay girls gone wild. I’ve been to three Dinah’s and can tell you it’s not for the weak, the straight, or the easily shocked. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen topless girls hanging off a hotel balcony, swinging a blow up doll and waving to Leisha Hailey.

A new feature length documentary, Out in The Desert, promises an insider’s look into, not only the dreamy dykes, debauchery and drama, but also the personal and sometimes poignant stories of the women there.

Director-Producer Page Hurwitz (who is also the Executive Producer of Last Comic Standing) had the idea that women make the pilgrimage to the desert for more than the chance to show off their cleavage and do Jell-O shots under a palm tree (as if that weren’t enough reason.) She followed the stories of several vastly different ladies to find out the answer to the age-old question, “What do women want?” and added “besides a good tan, dancing to Lady Gaga, and the perfect mojito?”

Shot at last year’s event, Out in the Desert also includes exclusive interviews or appearances by celesbians such as — takes a deep breath — Carmen Electra, Margaret Cho, Indigo Girls, God-des and She, Jenny Shimizu, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Elizabeth Keener, Jamie Lauren, Nicol Paone and comics Suzanne Westenhoefer, Erin Foley and Jessica Kirson. Phew.

Due out later this year, this documentary promises to blow the lid off what I like to call “Underwater L Word on Crack.” You can find updates about its release date and other info on the Out in the Desert Facebook page.

Are you going this year as a Dinah Virgin or a Dinah Ho or something in-between? I’ll be there, so see you soon, bitches!

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