Natalie Portman goes up in smoke for her next film


Natalie Portman has gone to pot. The Oscar-nominated actress has been expanding her cinematic repertoire of late, signing on last year to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and now agreeing to light up for the stoner comedy Best Buds.

Yes, world, Natalie is going from zombies to doobies. Normally, I’d ask what she’d been smoking, but in this case I think we already know. According to the online film site Pajiba, the film — told in vein of Harold and Kumar and Half-Baked — follows two best female friends who “take a road trip to their friend’s wedding in order to save her by bringing her weed.”

Dude (or should I say Duuuuude!), that sound kind of, well, hilarious (or should I say high-larious. OK, I’ll stop). Natalie will produce and star in the picture, written by actress and Upright Citizens Brigade regular Jamie Denbo (no relation to Dawn, we’re hoping.)

Denbo spoke with Jezebel about the projects, saying: “Everyone has a cause. Some people have cancer, some have literacy. Mine is proving that women smoke weed too.”

That sounds like a worthy cause to me. Actually, Denbo sounds more like she is out to prove that women can be just as funny as men, which is definitely a worthy cause.

This is a comedy. It’s going to be touted as a chick stoner movie, but hopefully it’s a stoner movie for all stoners….I just wished there was a movie where woman got to be funny. Not just a crew of ragtag funny guys and the hot … People forget that the biggest scene stealer in Knocked Up was Kristen Wiig. Not every woman is a bitch or a whore. Not every movie. Not in every scenario.

Denbo went on to say that she wants it to be a real film about “real girl friendship, and not, one girl is the ingénue and one girl is her whippersnapper best friend. It’s more equal.” OK, now I think I might have smoked something, because this project is starting to sound amazing. Who is with me?

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