Quizzical Carrie


The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on stands Wednesday) includes a peek into Carrie Fisher‘s fascinating psyche. She takes the “Pop Culture Personality Test.” Unfortunately, the multiple choice X’s don’t appear in my copy, so I can only guess at her answers or infer them from the accompanying comments.

For example, for question 3, I can see her ruminations but not her actual selections:

Q: Choose one: (a) Paul Simon or (b) Art Garfunkel.

A: I made that choice many years ago. Must I say it?

No, actually, you mustn’t. That’s an easy one. But the next one confuses me a little:

Q: Choose one: (a) Helen Mirren or (b) Judi Dench.

A: She’s more sort of a squishy-looking person.

Squishy-looking? I guess that means Judi, but how can I be sure? More important, why is squishy-ness a factor in your choice, Carrie?

Starting March 10, Fisher hosts Turner Classic Movie’s The Essentials. Each Saturday, she’ll offer her thoughts on what makes 25 films “culturally relevant,” starting with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Ordinarily I find such things exhausting, but she might just make it interesting and even fun. If the photos on her official Web site are any indication of her definition of “cultural relevance,” we’re in good hands:



And then there’s just the general hotness:





Even without the braids and the blaster, she still has that regal air about her.

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