Madonna will direct a royal scandal


Music royalty, meet British royalty. Reigning queen of pop Madonna will slide into the director’s chair to helm a biopic about the scandalous 1930s love affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Now, there’s a lot going on in that last sentence. First, yes, that Madonna — the singing, dancing, Kabbalahing, biceps curling wonder. And this isn’t even the first movie she has directed. Two years ago she directed some indie called Filth and Wisdom. I know, who knew?

Second, yes, that King Edward — the British monarch who abdicated the throne to marry a divorced American. Forget Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, that’s a real scandal. After taking the throne in January 1936, King Edward nearly threw Britain into a constitutional crisis by proposing to Simpson. Rather than give her up, he gave up his crown just 325 days into his reign. They couple remained married until his death in 1972. Never mind scandal, that’s an amazing love story.

According to Variety, Up in the Air Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga is said to be considering the role of Simpson in the biopic, titled W.E. Madonna apparently is writing the script with Alec Keshishian, who directed her in documentary Truth or Dare.

Now I never saw, let alone heard of, Filth and Wisdom, so I really can’t judge Madonna’s skills as an auteur. However her skills as an actress, try as she might, have been hit or miss. But, heck, why not? I’ve heard of crazier things happening. Remember when Madonna was dating Warren Beatty?

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