Is it a game, or is it real?


I just came across this list of “Fifteen geek movies to see before you die.” I’m not sure it’s a requirement, exactly — I don’t think anyone’s likely to whisper on their death bed, “I can’t die yet; I still haven’t seen Star Trek IV!” (Especially not my girlfriend.) But it’s a fun read anyway.

It’s nice to be reminded of WarGames, which rocked my world when I was 12. How cute was Ally Sheedy in that (and in everything else)?

Ally Sheedy



If I were to revise the list, I’d delete The Fifth Element (I actually walked out of that movie, I loathed it so), 12 Monkeys (it made me feel insane) and Repo Man (I mean, really). And I’d add Logan’s Run (great porny costumes), Donnie Darko (maybe that should be on an “emo” movie list rather than a geek list) and Tron.

That’s right. Tron. Because everyone knows that if you could crawl inside your computer, you’d see a lot of Day-Glo paint and graph paper.



Speaking of outdated visions of computers, check out the next time you’re bored.

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