Oscar ungrouched


Sure, the best picture category is a bit of a boys’ club. And, of course, the directing nominees all live on testosterone alley. But the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon on Monday was a reminder that there are still a few reasons to watch the ceremony come Feb. 25:

The babe and the baby (Professionally known as Penelope Cruz and Abigail Breslin.)

Penelope Cruz and Abigail Breslin

Helen Mirren (Admit it, you’re jealous as hell of whoever that dude is crowding our favorite dame. Back off, buddy, she’s mine!)

Helen Mirren

Melissa (No additional editorial commentary necessary.)

Melissa Etheridge

Jessica Capshaw (OK, she’s not actually nominated, her dad is — he’s apparently some obscure director or something. But seeing her reminds me of Bette. And anything that reminds me of Bette is good. Very, very good.)

Jessica Capshaw

Jennifer Hudson (Each time I see her at an event, she looks lovelier and lovelier. Just imagine how she’ll look at the Oscars.)

Jennifer Hudson

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