She’d probably rethink the owlish glasses though


The Sunday Telegraph reports that Queen Elizabeth II (the real one) will never see the film The Queen.

“According to her closest friends, she does not want to bring back painful memories of what was arguably the most difficult week of her reign. Furthermore, they say she does not relish the prospect of watching someone else portray her.”

Who can blame her, really, even if the person portraying her is Helen Mirren?

Helen Mirren

If I were in the Queen’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to see it either. Actually, if I were in the Queen’s shoes, I’d probably just be cranky, because royal shoes can’t be very comfortable.


Anyway, it’s nothing personal, Ms. Mirren:

“The Queen is not a great ‘film person’,” [a] friend said. “There are small cinema rooms at Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Balmoral, but the Queen rarely takes advantage of them.”

OK, that’s just wrong. She should at least rent them out or something. Think of all the cinema room–deprived commoners in the world.

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