Mia Kirshner plays a vampire queen in “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”


I just finally got on the Twilight bandwagon (Team Edward all the way), but I have to wonder: Have vampires sucked the last drop of fun from entertainment yet? Mia Kirshner is hoping there’s room for at least one more sexy vamp in your life in her upcoming movie, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

The film is a sequel to 30 Days of Night, which takes place a year after the Alaskan town where it is set, was taken over by vampires for the month in which the sun never rises. Hey wait, that actually makes a lot of sense! I’m guessing there won’t be too many glittery circuit boy vampires in this flick.

Mia plays Lilith, the vampire queen who is responsible for a vamp assault in Los Angeles. She will help prove to the protagonist Stella (Kiele Sanchez in this film, originally played by Melissa George in the first) that vampires exist. Stella, of course, wants to exact revenge. (Uh-oh, Mia.)

DreadCentral went on set and writes:

Kirshner (regardless of the flu she at the time suffered, coupled with the prosthetic dentures and scleral lenses required of her character) flickered menace upon the monitor. From what this scribe witnessed, in the end she indeed may prove a worthy successor to actor Danny Huston, whose chilling depiction of lead vamp Marlow in the original caused so many chills.

Lilith in the “Dark Days” comic

It seems as though Kirshner is starting to make quite a name for herself as characters who suck (my goodness that was too easy). I’m not a fan of horror, but I do like the thought of bringing back the mean, deadly vampires who existed before there were alternative ways for them to walk among us.

What do you think? Have you seen the original? Will you check out Dark Days when it comes out on DVD later this year?

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