“Room in Rome” tantalizes in its trailer


I am going to tell you about Spanish director Julio Medem‘s new film Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma), and when I do, you are going to go on a clip-watching, YouTube-prowling, Google-searching frenzy; so I have to warn you that 73 percent of clickable Room in Rome content is super-duper NSFW — including the trailer I’ve linked to at the end of this post.

Hey! My eyes are up here!

Room in Rome is Julio Modem’s first English-language film and it’s based on Matias Bize’s In the Bed. In the original, a man and a woman share a night of passion and carelessly-spilled secrets. Modem’s adaptation promises all of the passion and all of the secrets — only this time it happens in Rome, between two women.

Natasha, the maybe Russian/maybe straight girl, is played by Natasha Yarovenko. And Alba, the probably Spanish/probably gay girl, is played by Elena Anaya.

In case you’re not willing (or able) to click on NSFW content, I’ll just transcribe some of the trailer’s dialogue for you.

Alba: That’s my hotel.

Natasha: I have never been up to a woman’s room before.

Alba: It’s just a hotel room.

(Spoiler Alert: Nu uh!)

Natasha: This is the first time in my life when I look like this at a woman. And never before has a woman looked at me this way.

Natasha: I think it will work better if you undress me.

Alba: I am going to give you the best kiss of your life; are you ready?

Natasha: Alba, this stays here, OK? In this room.

Alba: In Rome. But since we’re here, let’s have some fun.

Alba: If we did not have partners, what would we do, you and me?

Natasha: Do not forget, I like men.

Alba: But you like me as well.

Natasha: But I like men better.

Watch this trailer twice and tell me that, Natasha.

OK, enough titillation. Here’s your trailer. Remember: NSFW. Or, you know, NSF viewing with your mom.

Julio Medem’s Sex and Lucia (Lucía y el Sexo) was super-sexy too, but it was also a deeply-textured punch in the gut. Nudity and sexy accents aside, this film looks equally emotionally-charged.

Room in Rome will open in the U.S. later this year. We’ll keep you posted.

One more thing: when you inevitably go looking for Room in Rome online, let me know if you find any good deals on actual hotel rooms in Italy, will you?

What’s your verdict on Room in Rome‘s trailer?