New “Alice” trailer is some kind of wonderful


The new Alice in Wonderland is making me curiouser and curiouser. In fact, I’d say I’m downright mad for the movie now that a new, full-length trailer has been released. While I enjoyed the original teaser trailer released in July, this version vastly improves on its predecessor.

How vastly? I’d gladly jump down the rabbit hole and pledge allegiance to whichever queen will make March 5 come faster — that vastly.

While the original looked fun and fanciful, the new cut adds a needed dark edge to the affair. Even the previously released footage seems to have been punched up. Everything is just a little more menacing and at the same time more hilarious. Now that’s a clever trick.

The trailer also reveals the heart of the story: Alice (Aussie newcomer Mia Wasikowska) returns to Wonderland as a young woman years after her fist visit. What she finds is far from wonderful as the evil, big-headed — quite literally — Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) has taken over the land. Hell, I’d buy a ticket just to watch Helena plop her feet down on a pig belly.

The glimpses of Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and, of course, Johnny Depp as the delightfully freaky Mad Hatter are enticing as well.

But it’s that showdown between Alice in armor and the legions of the Red Queen that has me most intrigued. Off with her head looks like a real possibility.

Has the new trailer made you ready to step through the looking glass? Now I’d happily give my sentence first, verdict afterwards.

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