Sizing up 2010 movies through their posters


Out with the old, in with the new — even when it comes to movies. Sure some big-budget offerings like Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and Nine have yet to open this year. But we’re already looking forward to 2010. A new decade and a whole new slew of movie posters are waiting for us with the turn of the calendar. So let’s see if we like what awaits. First up, Sex and the City 2.

Can someone say, I wear my sunglasses at night, day or whenever to look at this poster because I think it’s burning my retinas? Also, did they mean to Photoshop Sarah Jessica Parker to look like a mutant fashionista from a far-away sun galaxy? If so, carry on. If not, how about some regular lighting?

Oh, there, that’s better. And look, it’s out actress Cynthia Nixon along with the rest of the fabulous foursome. Nothing says sequel like karaoke, eh ladies?

Next, The Wolfman featuring Benicio Del Toro as Mr. Bark at the Moon and newly-minted Golden Globe nominee Emily Blunt as what appears to be a damsel in serious distress.

Well it sure looks appropriately menacing. Though, if I was Emily I’d pick a wider tree to hide behind — or at the very least bring along a box of Milk-Bones to distract wolfie.

From one dark and moody poster to another dark and moody poster comes the long-awaited, much-anticipated sequel Tron Legacy. Look, it’s someone in a helmet riding a really fancy motorcycle — with neon.

OK, so the poster is a little, well, yawn. But check out the first still image featuring Olivia Wilde in a neon glowing body suit. Now that, that is how you properly use neon.

Stepping back into the light is Amanda Seyfried in the relationship drama Chloe. The film premiered this year but isn’t expected to see wider distribution until next spring.

I don’t know what Amanda is selling, exactly, but I am buying. Especially if that’s a make-out session with Julianne Moore.

Finally, Amanda gets challenged in the extreme facial close-up arena by the one, the only, the great big-lipped one Angelina Jolie for her new spy thriller Salt.

It’s basically impossible to resist her face. But, is her off-center image trying to awaken the OCD in all of us? Does it mean something? Was the designer drunk? Guess we’ll have to wait until summer 2010 to find out for sure.

So, which poster makes you want to break out the popcorn and Milk Duds in 2010? See you at the cineplex.