Leisha Hailey and Christina Hendricks gather in “La Cucina”


What would it take for you to see a movie most of you have never heard about before? What if I told you it involved food? My Top Chef people are already there. How about if I mentioned it starred Leisha Hailey? Now I’ve hooked a bunch of you. And what if I added it also starred Christina Hendricks. More of you, good. And, finally, what if I were to casually say supermodel Rachel Hunter played a lesbian. And, we have a winner.

The independent film La Cucina is coming to DVD Jan. 12. The romantic drama, which was released in 2007, tells three interweaving stories as the lives of a group of neighbors unfold in, what else, their kitchens. Check out the trailer here.

The film marks Mad Men’s Christina’s feature film debut. She plays Lily, who just met the older Michael (Joaquim de Almeida). Leisha, meanwhile plays it straight and pregnant as Shelly. Her upstairs neighbor and lesbian confidant (doesn’t every straight gal need one?) is Jude (played by Rachel). And Jude, meanwhile, is making a meal for her girlfriend, Celia. Whew, who needs a flow chart?

Now, it’s undeniably weird to see Leisha play married and about to pop. I keep thinking she is having some sort of sympathy pregnancy to make Max feel less alone. Also, her movie husband looks like a dud. Alice would have never left Tasha for him.

And, just in case you think the lesbians are just window dressing, there does appear to be at least a little dyke drama. That lady bringing champagne to Celia’s (Clare Carey of Jericho) room is definitely not Jude.

So, what do you think? Will you wander into La Cucina for a bite?

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