Natalie Portman will take on Jane Austen and zombies


Usually when you mention brains and Natalie Portman it refers to her having a big one, not zombies demanding “Brains! Brains! Brains!” But that’s exactly what we’ll see now that the Oscar-nominated actress has signed on to produce and star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a film adaption of the zombie bestseller based on the classic Jane Austen novel.

Yes, Jane Austen. Yes, undead legions. Yes, Natalie Portman. This just went from “ha ha cheeky monkeys” to “I would like to thank the Academy and — of course — the living dead.”

The book is described as an “expanded version” of the beloved Austen story. Natalie will play the iconic heroine Elizabeth Bennet (a role she seemed destined for, especially given her resemblance to previous portrayer Keira Knightley). But now instead of just battling for the affections of the haughty Mr. Darcy, she will also battle flesh-eating hordes. Gosh, like dating isn’t hard enough on its own.

This new Elizabeth knows martial arts and is a skilled zombie huntress. Mr. Darcy is a talented monster hunter in his own right, too. Co-producer Annette Savitch told Variety magazine that Natalie’s interest came from her love of Austen.

Natalie and I are longtime passionate fans of Jane Austen’s books and this a fresh, fun and thought-provoking way to approach her work. The idea of zombies running rampant in 19th Century England may sound odd, but it lends a modern sense of urgency to a well known love story.

Well, the zombie genre has had a renaissance of late with Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. But Zombie: a Love Story is something else entirely. But, heck why not? I’ll pay $10.50 to watch Natalie go kung fu on a bunch of zombies. How about you?

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