Drew Barrymore and Kate Moennig play girlfriends in “Everybody’s Fine”


I knew there was a reason why I wanted to see Everybody’s Fine — besides the fact it looks like a sappy holiday film with an uplifting ending. Thanks to reader Rachel, I now know that my subconscious was telling me there were lesbians involved.

In Everybody’s Fine, which just opened nationwide last Friday, Drew Barrymore plays one of Robert De Niro‘s adult children whom he goes to visit and rekindle relationships with, after finding out his health is deteriorating. He knows very little about his kids, including Barrymore’s Rosie.

Caution: Minor spoilers ahead. Look away if you want to be surprised!

Rosie lives in Las Vegas, where she is a professional dancer. (As in, showgirl not as in exotic dancer.) She takes her dad back to a high-rise apartment and introduces him to her “friend” Jilly (Kate Moennig) and her “friend’s baby.” Yes, Rosie is a “covert lesbian,” as the Washington Examiner writes.

I think my favorite write-up about this situation so far comes from CTV News: “She’s a confused lesbian with a secret baby.” Aren’t we all? No? OK.

One review notes that Frank, Rosie’s father, does tell Rosie it’s OK that she’s gay by the end of the film.

While Kate’s part is very small, and Rosie lives in the closet to spare her father any disappointment in her, it seems as if the portrayal is overall positive. Rosie is the closest to her father, out of all the children (played by Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell) and arguably the most successful. So even though there is a hesitancy for any of the family members to be open with their father, in the end, they all become closer by divulging their “deep dark secrets.”

It appears to be quite predictable, but it’s a holiday film. Everybody’s Fine has a little bit of lesbian in it, and that’s more than I can say for The Christmas Carol.

And is anyone keeping track of all the lesbian bit parts Kate plays? I’m wondering if she has to audition for these parts or if they just call her up and say “We need a lesbian. Are you available?”

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