South Korean film “Kkotgwa sijak” (“In My End is My Beginning”) depicts an unorthodox lesbian relationship


What do you get when you combine death by S&M adultery, atonement sex and South Korean lesbians? According to Variety, you get Kyu-dong Min’s film Kkotgwa sijak (or In My End is My Beginning).

The Korean film, originally written as the short film Five Senses of Eros, follows the story of Jeong-ha Lee, played by All for Love star Jeong-hwa Eom, whose husband Jae-in Min (Jeong-min Hwang0 is a dirty cheater. Min has been sleeping with his younger mistress, Na-ru Gang (Hyo-jin Kim) and frequently videotapes their S&M dalliances.

In My End is My Beginning depicts only one of the five chapters of Five Senses of Eros, which released theatrically in July 2009 and received some box office success. Eros is an anthology short with five separate chapters played by different characters.

The chapter Ending & Beginning serves as the main plotline for the new full-length film, which Film Asia describes as, “A wife discovers that her husband is having [an] affair with another woman prior to his death. After his death she decides to meet the woman and starts a new life with her unconditionally.”

The remaining four chapters include “His Concern,” “I’m Here,” “33rd Man,” and “Believe in the Moment.”

In In My End…, Min learns how powerful karma is when he dies in a car accident while having “thrill-seeking sex” with Gang. The two women in Min’s life meet at his funeral, where Lee throws her dead husband’s ashes in Gang’s face. Gang apparently can’t stand the guilt and begs to be Lee’s live-in slave for personal penitence, going so far as “eating videotape” of her affairs with Min.

The women eventually have sex, but Lee imagines Gang as her husband, revealing Lee’s attempt to reconnect with her husband through his mistress. The women’s relationship is also “vaguely S&M” and is not your typical happy-in-love lesbian love story, for obvious reasons.

In My End is my Beginning released globally in October and is playing at international film festivals. Does it sound like one you’d want to watch?

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