Kat Dennings nails a role in the new “Thor”


That movie about the guy with the hammer just got a little more interesting. Kat Dennings has joined the cast of the new live-action adaptation of Thor alongside Natalie Portman.

The Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist star will join an impressive cast that includes Natalie, Anthony Hopkins, Stuart Townsend and Chris Hemsworth as the Norse god of thunder himself with Kenneth Branagh directing.

Now, if a superhero movie starring Oscar nominee Natalie and indie darling Kat seems a little strange, you’re not alone. But then stranger things have happened. I mean, if they can make Seth Rogen a superhero then all bets are apparently off.

Natalie will play “doctor/scientist type” Jane Foster, who has been upgraded from her original comic book incarnation as a nurse. No official word on what Kat will play yet, but according to slashfilm.com a casting breakdown released earlier show a character that seems custom-fit for her:

“[MARCY LEWIS] (20) Is a college student. Aloof, jaded beyond her years, she thought her internship with scientist Kate Spelling would be an easy 6 college credits. However, she’s been stuck for months in this small New Mexico town and relegated to a wide range of unglamorous activities. Kate has been particularly hard on Marcy, making it her personal project to see that Marcy lives up to her potential. Marcy deals with her situation both by using subtle irony and by being an overt wiseass.”

Kat being a wiseass, Natalie playing a doctor. Hmm, maybe I could use a little hammertime. As Natalie told MTV.com, “Well, I was really excited when they told me Kenneth Branagh is directing it because it seemed like such a smart choice but such an unexpected choice, that it was like ‘This is really weird. I have to try this.’” Me too, Natalie, me too.

So, what do you think? Do Natalie and Kat’s presence make you more interested in Thor?

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