The other Dreamgirl


EW’s PopWatch blog reviews the reviews of Dreamgirls in an effort to determine whether Beyoncé Knowles can act. Most critics seem to enjoy her performance of the song “Listen” (and well they should), but her acting is called “stiff” and “vapid.”


I dunno; I think the role sort of traps her. I mean, Deena just doesn’t do a lot more than react — to Effie (Jennifer Hudson), to Curtis (Jamie Foxx), to the pressures of the industry. I’m glad they added “Listen” to the film version, because it’s pretty much the only time we get to hear what Deena herself thinks about everything.

Still, the critical mass reveals something: The Golden Globe nominations are backward. Does it really make any kind of sense that Beyoncé was nominated as a lead actor and Jennifer Hudson was relegated to the supporting category? I am telling you it doesn’t.

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