“The Boat That Rocked” gets a new name but keeps its lesbian character


Last spring, we told you Katherine Parkinson would be playing a lesbian cook in the film The Boat That Rocked. The movie was put through the ringer, and is finally in American theaters under the name Pirate Radio.

Reviews indicate that Katherine’s character Felicity is a relatively small part, besides being the only woman working on board the boat, which is home to a rogue rock ‘n’ roll radio station in the 1960s. Cinemablend.com says Felicity is “exempt from the ship’s no lady policy because she’s a lesbian.”

Since she’s such a small part in a cast of many, many men, there is another reason to see the film: January Jones. She plays Elenore, who is married to one of the main DJs, Simon (Chris O’Dowd), but is really in love with the star disc jockey, Gavin (Rhys Ifans).

Also in the film is Emma Thompson, playing mother to Carl (Tom Sturridge), the youngest man aboard. See? So many men, and that doesn’t include the movie’s biggest name, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, playing The Count.

Will you be seeing Pirate Radio?

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