“Anne Perry – Interiors” follows one of the women who inspired “Heavenly Creatures”


Heavenly Creatures was the first queer movie I had ever seen that I was absolutely intrigued by. I’m fairly certain I wore out my remote’s rewind and play buttons just to keep watching Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey kiss each other passionately. Director Peter Jackson did such a remarkable job of combining both fantasy and reality it’s hard to believe the 1994 film was based on a true story.

No longer able to hide her past Anne Perry’s life is being brought to the screen again, this time in documentary form. Dana Linkiwicz‘s Anne Perry — Interiors has started making its festival debut and is described as “the fascinating story about a woman who lived with a horrific secret until it was brought to the big screen through Jackson’s work.” (Thanks to AE reader Anna for the tip!)

This secret, if you haven’t seen the film, is that she helped kill her best friend’s mother.

Director Dana Linkiwicz and Anne Perry

Perry, today, is a successful crime fiction author, and Interiors follows the writer and “offers a uniquely intimate insight into the world of one of the most intriguing figures of the mystery writing genre.” It also delves into the story behind Heavenly Creatures, “telling a story about the burden of guilt — not just as part of the past but as part of present day life.”

Here’s the trailer:

If you haven’t seen Heavenly Creatures yet, you are missing out on a brilliant (albeit horrifying) film. As for this documentary, I am personally really excited to see what happened to Anne Perry and how she has coped living with her dark past this entire time. Will you be seeing Interiors?

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