“The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” trailer gives a glimpse of its gay aunts


I can’t wait for the end of November to roll around so I can finally see The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Writer/director Rebecca Miller‘s new film (based on her own novel of the same name) is about a woman named Pippa (Robin Wright Penn) who is having, as she says in the trailer, “a quiet nervous breakdown.”

Blake Lively plays the young Pippa, who runs away from her pill-popping mom (Maria Bello) and ends up in New York with her lesbian aunt Trish (Robin Weigert) and her lover, Kit (Julianne Moore).

Check out the trailer for a minute and see how stereotypically lesbian Julianne’s hair looks:

Kit is a dominatrix/photographer who gets Pippa to pose for her in some S&M-type situations. This is just one of the “lives” Pippa has lived and begins to revisit in her mind in the movie.

I haven’t read the book — though now I am intrigued enough to do so before the movie comes out — so I’m not sure if the lesbian aunts are looked back upon as a positive or negative influence in Pippa’s life, but I’d like to hope from Rebecca Miller’s track record that her women characters are all strong and purposeful. After all, would Julianne Moore really take on a hairstyle like that for an otherwise offensive or ridiculous part?

The movie opens Nov. 27. Does it sound like a good one to see over the holiday?

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