And the [Insert Award Name] award goes to …


In the last week or so, film critics across the country, from New York to San Francisco, have begun issuing their annual year-end kudos to the year’s best films (in their opinions). All of this leads up to the biggest award of them all, Oscar. Yesterday, Time‘s critic Richard Corliss published an intriguing analysis of why film critics matter, and with some handy math skills, concluded that the National Society of Film Critics has done the best job of predicting Oscar success in the past.

You also may remember that last year at this time, Brokeback Mountain was getting these awards left and right — yet still did not take the top prize. Today commemorates the one-year anniversary of Brokeback‘s theatrical release with an interview with the film’s executive producer, James Schamus, who talks a bit about why he thinks Oscar didn’t love the gay cowboys. Schamus’ candid interview is fascinating, but paints a somewhat disturbing picture of the Academy’s voters. Do you think the Academy would have voted differently if Brokeback were about gay cowgirls?

Jake Gyllenhaal would make such a good drag king