A lesbian comes out in “Truth Hall”


Writer/director Jade Jenise Dixon gave herself the best part in her new film, Truth Hall. Jade plays a lesbian who seduces a fellow bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.

Truth Hall is about five best friends gathering back together for one of their weddings. They all met in college, where they pledged the same sorority. In Los Angeles, they all have secrets which they divulge to each other before, during and after the ceremony. Yes, Jade’s Jazae is one of them.

Here’s the trailer:

Caution: Spoilers ahead.

The other secrets include Amber (Tamara “Gingir” Curry) being HIV positive, Colette (Nicole Prescott) becoming interested in young white men and Lashon (Karimah Westbrook) having an on-going affair with the groom. Scandalous!

Reviews indicate that the lesbian sex scene is tasteful and funny, as the two women end up missing the wedding altogether.

Truth Hall just came out on DVD. Will you track down a copy?

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