New Cleopatra movie in the works


Jessica AlbaVariety reports there’s a new Cleopatra movie coming from Columbia Pictures – not a remake of the 1963 Elizabeth Taylor film focusing on the Egyptian queen’s powers of seduction, but a film that focuses on Cleopatra’s skills as a firm ruler and military tactician. Given the emphasis on the female leader’s brains and talent, rather than her sex appeal, it’s no surprise the script is based on a forthcoming biographical novel written by a woman – Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Stacy Schiff. Schiff reportedly intends to explore Cleopatra ruthless rise to power on the battlefield and in marriage (including twice marrying brothers, then killing them, along with a sister).

Now on to the important question: who should play Cleopatra? Karina Lombard? Angelina Jolie (sans her terrible accent from Alexander)? Jessica Alba? If you’ve seen her in Dark Angel, you know she can do conflicted and determined like no one’s business.

Or for something completely different, the folks at Columbia could could cast Sandra Bullock, give her a gun and her trademark pratfalls, and market it as a comedy called Cleopatra Undercover.

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