“Irene in Time” focuses on women unable to relate to men


The description of Henry Jaglom’s Irene in Time makes the film sound stereotypical at best.

A puzzle about love and time, a mystery in which clues are found and secrets are revealed, Irene in Time is a look at the complex relationships between fathers and daughters and the consequences — years later — on the grown women’s relationships to the men in their lives.

Not surprisingly, Irene, played by Tanna Frederick, has issues because her dad sailed off into the sunset (yes, really) when she was little. Her love life is in shambles. She commiserates with her group of friends who all likely have their own daddy issues. And, of course, there’s a lesbian: Irene’s best friend Jo Jo, played by Kelly DeSarla, who had a small role in Wedding Crashers.

We can probably bet Jo Jo will have plenty of cliche things to say about men and why Irene has no luck with them — five bucks says she’ll probably suggest Irene switch teams.

According to FilmJournal.com:

One would surmise from the examples of men onscreen that sincerity and fidelity are not part of the male makeup, whereas a woman’s emotions are always pure and noble. (The filmmaker says that a number of 1940s romantic dramas of love and death were his inspiration here.)

No wonder the New York Times review says the film is “a valentine to women and a letter bomb to men.”

In the trailer, which you can see below, Irene tells her friends, “My dad left when I was really little, and I feel stupid with guys because I don’t know what to look for.”

Wow. Way to force-feed us the point, Jaglom.

The bright side? There are supposedly some “girls kissing.” Enough to get you interested?

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