The “Valentine’s Day” trailer: Is it a threat or a promise?


Remember how He’s Just Not That Into You kept packing in great stars but turned out to be a not-so-great movie?

The production company, New Live Cinema/Warner Brothers apparently does not remember — or, more likely, doesn’t care since the movie made $94 million. So we’re getting the same movie for next Valentine’s Day called, with classic Hollywood originality, Valentine’s Day.

OK, it’s not exactly the same movie. But the formula is very familiar.

Start with a big-name cast.

Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Shirley McLaine, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper

Add too many more big-name stars to list, including Queen Latifiah and Jamie Foxx.

Then throw in a dollop of gossip fodder, just to add buzz.

What do you get? Here’s the trailer.


Yawn. But a few things make me hope for something more Love Actually than Not Into You. First, the director is Gary Marshall, who brought the funny in The Princess Diaries, the romance in Pretty Woman and the lesbian subtext in Beaches.

Second, we get at least one gay storyline: Bradley Cooper plays a gay man whose lover is a closeted football player (Eric Dane).

Third, Anne Hathaway’s character used to be a gymnast. That alone is enough to make me see the movie.

What do you think? Does Valentine’s Day look promising? Is the great cast enough to get you to the theater?

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