Kate Beckinsale stars in a lesbian-less “Whiteout”


Kate Beckinsale‘s new movie, Whiteout, which opens in theaters today, is based on a graphic novel by Greg Rucka. The murder mystery, set in Antarctica had a “lesbian angle,” so Beckinsale’s character, US deputy marshal Carrie Stetko was a gay lady.

That’s right. Kate Beckinsale: Lesbian. Only, that whole angle has been omitted for the film adaptation, so we won’t be seeing that happen any time soon. That’s really too bad, because the film doesn’t seem all that interesting.

The premise is that there’s been a murder — the first for Antarctica — and Stetko only has three days to solve the crime, before everyone must evacuate due to an impending blizzard. Of course — it’s Antarctica!

According to the New York Times review, the movie does get off to an interesting (however gratuitous) start with Beckinsale taking a shower. She won’t be hooking up with any ladies on the frozen tundra, but at least there’s that.

Another review says the film’s “twists and turns are more like riding a kiddie roller coaster” and that not only is the lesbian plot-line from the original story missing, there’s also a “slightly different ending.” Which is Hollywood speak for, “This is totally not the same story, don’t get your hopes up.”

Many reviews do seem to agree, however, that it’s Beckinsale’s acting that makes this film somewhat bearable. Even if she’s not playing gay, I wouldn’t mind looking at her on the big screen for 90 minutes (or on a small screen when it comes out on DVD and I’m home sick in the middle of winter and there’s nothing on daytime television). Which is good, considering she is the main focus of the film, which has a very isolated, desolate feeling. Think Fargo, only creepier. And probably not funny.

Do you think you’ll end up in the theaters for Whiteout. For Beckinsale, not gay but in a shower? I think I’ll just watch Brokedown Palace. There’s Claire Danes in that one, too.