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Melissa on the panel

On a panel at The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Film & TV Music Conference yesterday, singer Melissa Etheridge talked about how she became involved with An Inconvenient Truth, the David Guggenheim/Al Gore documentary about the environmental crisis for which she contributed the song “I Need to Wake Up”:

“This was a very special opportunity for me. had just been through my own special awakening, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After that, when my perspective and my life had changed, I realized that I am not on an island…[I asked myself] ‘What do I want to hear? I want to hear somebody else who feels the way I feel, which is, ‘My God, have I been sleeping?'”

I couldn’t agree more. Frankly, An Inconvenient Truth scares the crap out of me, and not just because I was raised in the Pacific Northwest where the motto is “recycle or die”. Even if the scientists disagree over the details, you just have to look around you to see we’re going to hell in a handbasket. On the bright side, at least we’ll have good music to listen to on the way down.

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