Sigourney Weaver takes a twirl with a pole on her way to the Emmys


Pole dancing presents a real ethical dilemma for me. On the one hand, it’s, well, pole dancing. But on the other hand, it evokes a masterpiece of modern cinema.

Friday’s news about Sigourney Weaver complicates my quandary. Weaver revealed that she’s been taking lessons for a pole-dancing scene in her new comedy, You Again.

“I didn’t learn that at Yale,” she joked with reporters,” although it would have been useful.”

Let’s stop for a few moments and think about having Sigourney Weaver’s lovely long legs wrapped around — um —

Oh, are you still here? Oops.

Interestingly, Jamie Lee Curtis also stars in You Again as the high school nemesis of Weaver’s character. No word on whether the two compete at the pole, but they told ET that they definitely enjoyed working together.

Weaver also talked about the response to her Lifetime movie, Prayers for Bobby, for which she just earned an Emmy nomination.

“A lot of parents come up to me on the street and say how much they appreciate the film,” she told E!Online. But she also admits that the film about a fundamentalist Christian mother whose gay son commits suicide did not have the impact she hoped. “I was very disheartened because I love the movie and think it will do some good, but when I read that the poll numbers in California hadn’t changed at all since the referendum, I was just shocked.”

Welcome to our world, Sigourney. At least the film’s success — it also earned an Emmy nomination for Best TV Movie — means that Lifetime is more likely to rerun Prayers for Bobby. And we can trust Sigourney to speak out for us regardless.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to You Again, which also stars Kristen Bell, Betty White and Kristin Chenoweth. With any luck, they’ll all pole dance. I can always put ethics aside for the sake of hotness.

Who’s with me?

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