Everybody run, Jodie’s got a gun!

Jodie in Brave One

Jodie on the set of The Brave One

I discovered some great new photos of actress Jodie Foster on the set of her new movie The Brave One, in which Jodie plays a woman who struggles to recover from a brutal attack by setting out on a mission for revenge. Yes, it pretty much sounds like the quintessential Jodie-against-the-machine movie, not that there’s anything wrong with that – I’ll still watch just about anything she’s in. Although I have to admit I couldn’t make it all the way through Flightplan.

More magazine has a lengthy interview with actress Jodie Foster in their October issue, in which she talks openly about, well, not talking openly:

…Nor will Foster put to rest persistent speculation in the industry and in some quarters of the gay community that she has chosen to make her life with another woman. But though she refuses to address that particular issue, she aims to be unguarded in her day-to-day life. “I think of myself as phenomenally open,” she says. “My children would say that, the people who know me would say that, the people who see me in the park would say that. Because when you have kids, you have to be open. Otherwise, what kind of message would that send? You can make a choice that brings them dignity or you can make a choice that’s some hiding, shameful thing. I always choose dignity.” While many scoff at her definition of “open,” Foster clearly has no intention of feeding a media machine that subsists on celebrity confessionals. If her deliberately worded response is not enough to quell the curiosity, she is content to let her audience stew. “I live a tremendously open life,” she repeats for emphasis. “However, I don’t feel the need to exploit via the media my personal life. I don’t want to bring them into my circus. For what? To promote a movie? That would be strange.”

All credit to her: the women walks the line between saying something and saying nothing better than Jim and Pam on The Office. In the spirit of all that openness, here’s Jodie being “phenomenally open” with her longtime “friend” Cydney Bernard on the set of Anna and the King in the late ’90s, and shopping with Cydney and the kids a few years ago:

Jodie and Cydney
Jodie and Cydney

And, just for the hell of it, here’s another new photo of Jodie looking hot:

Jodie Foster
When she’s finished with The Brave One (which will hit theaters in September 2007), Jodie will direct and co-star in Sugarland with Robert de Niro, in which she plays a lesbian singer-songwriter who shoots to fame as part of a country music band, then quits to go back to making indie folk records for her lesbian fan base. No, wait, wrong lesbian movie. This one’s about a recent law school graduate who teams up with an experienced public-interest attorney to take on a sugar baron on behalf of exploited migrant workers. I don’t think there are any lesbians in it, unless some of the migrant workers play for our team.


To read the full interview go to More.com, and for more photos of Jodie on the set of The Brave One, go to JodieFoster.nu.

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