The trailer for “Avatar” gives us a chance to spot Zoe Saldana


After a decade of hype (and a countdown clock on Apple’s home page), the trailer for James Cameron‘s sci-fic epic Avatar dropped yesterday. And if aliens and spaceships and astonishing CGI are your things, you are in for a treat.

If sci-fi isn’t really your bag, then you can play a little game I’ve been playing since the release of Center Stage ten years ago. It’s called “Spot Zoe Saldana.”

Here’s your warm-up:

Spot Zoe Saldana as a ballerina:

Spot Zoe Saldana as Britney SpearsBFF:

Spot Zoe Saldana as a drumline dancer:

Spot Zoe Saldana as a pirate of the Caribbean:

Spot Zoe Saldana inexplicably falling in love with Ashton Kutcher:

Spot Zoe Saldana stealing breath from the Trekkies:

Yes, that’s right: Zoe Saldana has been in every movie you’ve ever seen, and shame on you for not noticing! Unless you did notice. In which case, I apologize. I guess I went to a special bitch academy or something.

Below is the trailer for Avatar (which also happens to star Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver, but we’re talking about the too-often overlooked Saldana right now). See if you can spot her.

Any luck? I kind of forgot to mention she’s a Na’vi, a species of humanoid alien. Here’s a better picture. (Warning: Do not look directly into her eyes!)

You did it, didn’t you? You totally looked into her eyes. Well, now you’ll be in love forever. Your bad.

The revolutionary special effects are the selling point on this one. Avatar is supposed to change the way we watch movies forever. I kind of hope that’s true — not necessarily for the CGI-gasm, but for Zoe Saldana. She deserves to start flying on the superstar radar. She piloted the Starship Enterprise for Spock’s sake!

What do you think of the Avatar trailer? How good are you at “Spot Zoe Saldana”?

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