Amanda Seyfried rolls her eyes about kissing Megan Fox


While decent movies with lead lesbian characters are hard to come by these days, a few minutes of cheap girl-on-girl action has become a staple in Hollywood pictures. Sure, it can be hot, but is the painfully obvious “shock value” factor as frustrating to actors as it is to the rest of us? Apparently, to actress Amanda Seyfried it is.

When discussing the makeout scene between herself and Megan Fox in upcoming Diablo Cody film Jennifer’s Body, Seyfried seemed less-than-enthused.

“We knew that it was going to play a really big role in publicizing the movie,” Seyfried told WENN. “We kind of rolled our eyes at the idea of having to make out.”

Seyfried plays Fox’s nerdy best friend, Needy Lesnicky, in the film, which she actually is excited about.

“Being a lead (like Megan),” Seyfried said, “you have that weird pressure of feeling like you have to look attractive. In this movie, I didn’t worry about any of that s–t. I don’t want to play the one that everybody is supposed to want to have sex with.”

Don’t worry, Amanda, Megan will work that sexy face enough for the both of you, I’m sure.

While the makeout scene between Fox and Seyfried surely drummed up some extra interest in the film, the buzz surrounding Jennifer’s Body seems to be universal, which is good news for Diablo Cody.

I am (clearly) not a huge fan of Fox, but between and Cody’s Twitter page, I have become quite a fan of hers.

Example Tweet:

Actors are debating which positions to try during fake sex. I hope one of them falls fake asleep afterwards and the other gets fake mad.

She also drinks and tweets a lot, which is always amusing. Cody is also the cover woman for the new issue of Bust magazine.

“Any time I do a red carpet, I feel vaguely confrontational,” Cody told the magazine. “I feel like, ‘All right, now somebody’s going to come on the red carpet who doesn’t have a stylist, who did her own hair and makeup, who’s wearing a $25 dress from H&M. I have cellulite. I have big hips and big thighs. And you have to look at me.’ I feel like people have to pay attention to somebody who would typically be invisible.”

I plan on sucking up my Fox-hate for a few hours and seeing Jennifer’s Body in September. Will you?

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