“Dear & Yonder” follows female surfers around the seas


Fans of Blue Crush, Curl Girls or athletic women in bathing suits will be into the new film Dear & Yonder, which features the lives of female surfers.

Here’s the trailer:

Directed by Tiffany Morgan Campbell, who previously made several skateboarding films like Getting Nowhere Faster, the movie centers around all kinds of women surfers, from longboarding to shortboarding to bodysurfing. The tagline for the film is “daring stories of women united by the sea,” following professionals like Liz Clark, Stephanie Gilmore and Coco Ho around the world and a specific surfing section called “the dear.”

As of now, the film will be “on tour,” showing in select cities throughout August and September. There’s also a corresponding art show with photographs of the women that is showing at galleries, mostly on the west coast.

Campbell told Surfing magazine that Dear & Yonder is not just about the sport, though, and that it shows many parts of the women’s lives, citing Liz Clark as an example:

She’s been sailing around the world for almost three years now, and her part is pretty much going to document her travels up to this point. So the film tracks her through the beginning of her journey and we catch up with her in the Tuamotu Islands and Christmas Island and Tahiti. So we travel around the South Pacific with her and show her surfing and doing everything else that goes along with being the captain of a sailboat. So there’s fishing and diving and harvesting coconuts and all that kind of stuff too.

Does Dear & Yonder sound like your kind of sport-flick? Do you dig other surfer girl films like Blue Crush?

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