And how did they get Jennifer Beals to co-star in “The Grudge 2”?


Here’s a quick snapshot from the Hollywood Reporter of the box office results for this weekend:

10-23-2006 Box Office

What do the top three movies have in common? If you guessed “they’re all about men”, you win a gold star! Even most of the characters in the fourth movie, Open Season, an animated feature about domesticated animals stranded in the wilderness, are voiced by men (Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutchon, Jon Favreau, Gary Sinise, etc.). The only movie in the top 5 with a strong female lead is Flicka, and the girl in that movie has to share top billing with a horse and that guy from Summerland.Secret Admirer (1985) (Ws Dub Sub)

Speaking of Summerland, if you’re a fan of Lori Loughlin (and really, who isn’t?) and cheesey 80s comedies, check out the movie Secret Admirer (aka The Letter), co-starring C. Thomas Howell and Kelly Preston, complete with bad perm (Kelly, not Thomas). Loughin may claim to be in love with Howell in the movie, but her outfits say Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful is more her type.

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